Prius Online Is Not Dead

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Dear readers,

Like many other Prius Online lovers who have been waiting anxiously for the revival of Prius Online as Arcane Saga, I feel completely and utterly disappointed by what they have done to the game. It feels as if the heart and soul of Prius Online has been completely ripped out and stomped upon. Our dear Anima is now nothing but a pet and as I see it the amount of playable classes has been cut drastically due to there now being only 7 classes for soloing, 7 classes for partying and 7 classes for pvping as opposed to the original 21 classes to do all three of those things with. The decision to completely remove attacks from healing classes is completely beyond my understanding and that of others. I do realize this is merely a first beta impression and some things might still change a bit, but the developers have let us know on the forums (which are full of outraged Prius Fans who, like me, feel betrayed, by the way) that they will not be changing the new job system. At most healers will get some attacks because that’s something everyone has a problem with.

Anyway, I did not come here to talk about Arcane Saga. I came to talk about Prius Online. Many people who are disappointed with the new version of the game have said that Prius Online is officially dead. I am here to tell you otherwise. There is still hope for our beloved MMO if only there are enough people to support it. As I mentioned earlier, there’s a private server managed by some very dedicated people for all of us who love the original Prius Online more than what Netmarble has turned it into. This server is called Prius Anima and you will be able to find more information as to where to download or check it out at the bottom of this post. All of the bugs I have mentioned in my previous post have been fixed and the support staff is incredibly quick to reply to your reports and help you resolve any issues you may have. I have also experienced that they are incredibly open to feedback. I really recommend you to give this server a try, because Prius Anima has a lot in store for us!

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Useful links concerning Prius Anima:

Skype Group: Add “PriusAnima” and you will be added to the server chat!

Prius Anima Summary

I hope to see you there!

Learn more about Prius Online

To learn more about Prius Online, feel free to read my detailled review of the game.
Do however note that this is a review of the earlier GPotato version which is now closed down, so comments about the community and staff may not be valid. However the gameplay has remained the same.


Prius Online is (coming) back!

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Greetings! I have good news, which most of you true Prius fans are probably already aware of: Prius is coming back! The game has been taken over by Netmarble and the game is scheduled for release this Summer under the name of Arcane Saga. A long wait? Don’t fear! A private server called Prius Anima has launched a couple of weeks ago!

Arcane Saga

Like I said, Prius Online will be hosted by Netmarble under the name of Arcane Saga. There really isn’t that much I can tell you about it yet because it has only been announced a short while ago and all they have so far is a Facebook page, so I would suggest you to follow that for daily updates on the progress! They have said that there will be some changes to the game, so it won’t be entirely the same, but probably only better!

Arcane Saga Facebook Page

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Prius Anima

Someone has been kind enough to provide us lost souls with a private server for Prius Online! Bless them! I’m going to discuss this private server very briefly and hope to provide you with some useful information. This server works pretty well apart from the occasional disconnects and minor bugs, but I don’t want to complain too much about that because they are working hard on the issues and responding very well to feedback. If you miss Prius, you should sure download the client and get back in touch with your old friends!


Increased EXP and drops
If you’re like me, and you don’t want to dedicate too much of your time to a private server, but still want to casually play the game because you missed it so much, meet up with old friends or whatever reason, the increased EXP rate is perfect! In my opinion, this rate is just right. It’s not difficult to get to level 50 within a day or 2, 3, but after that it becomes harder. Which sounds fair, as in reaching level 70 would still be an accomplishment. As for the drops, well who doesn’t like those? Except maybe the hundreds of foodsacks gathered during a short time of grinding or dungeon running. But hey, let’s not complain about that. Besides, if you like opening them, the contents are worth lots of cash.

For a private server, there certainly are a lot of people playing. In my opinion it’s almost like in the GPotato version, which, for mysterious reasons, wasn’t doing all too well. You can buy 100 horns for 100 lifs and there are plenty of friendly higher level players around, so you should not really have a problem getting your daily dungeons done.

You can play the game!


While most of the server works exactly like we’re used to, there are still some bugs and that’s totally understandable because the admins have been translating the entire game to english. Some parts are not yet fully translated, like some quests, area names on portals and system messages (mails) you receive, but in my opinion that’s not really a big deal. The lack of translations in some parts of the game (really not that many) doesn’t make the game unplayable whatsoever. Something that does bother me though, is the fact that the Animas don’t work well yet. The so- called “Living skills” are bugged so your Anima won’t be able to gather items, cook food and all that stuff yet. This is being worked on however so I trust it will be fixed soon.

Donation System
Everybody should be grateful for the server being there and it’s great if people want to donate to help keep it running, but it does of course give people the oppurtunity to beat others gear-wise. This is however just like the normal version where there is an item mall. I’ve just listed it as a con because I personally don’t like the whole Pay2Win thing, especially when the people who pay brag about being better than others while it’s more because of gear than skill, but it’s something inevitable really. Also, donating isn’t that expensive and you can even get good items without paying because every 10 minutes in the game, you gain 1 “Neffy Point”, which is the currency used in th “Neffy Shop”.

Not sure if Pro or Con

I’m not sure whether to put this under pros or cons, so I’ll make a seperate section. If you know Prius from the GPotato days, you’ll know that there is tons of drama. Personally, I enjoy reading those petty fights between players and guilds who think they rule the universe, as long as me, my friends or my guild are not involved of course. It keeps you entertained while playing! This, sadly, does mean that there is a lot of rivalry between certain guilds and players which could make it hard for you to level up if you join one of those guilds, but there are also plenty of neutral guilds who have no problem partying with anyone, no matter what guild they are in.

PVP server
Another “I’m-not-so-sure-whether-it’s-a-pro-or-con-topic”. Many people like PVP servers and the possibility of killing and being killed out in the open world, others hate being killed for no reason when simply going about their own business and are not that interested in PVP. I belong in the last category. However I do like PVP like for example sieges, I don’t think it’s right for people to kill others who don’t appreciate PVP themselves and just want to do their thing. But hey, it’s a game, and to be honest, I’ve never been killed so far. It’s mainly the guilds that hate each other that are killing each other, so if that’s what you’re into, you should join one of those!

In Conclusion / Server Info

If you’re dying to play the game again, I would really recommend you to just instal this version. It’s almost entirely just like the old version and many of the old people are there as well. Because of the 20×exp rate, leveling up won’t be such a pain and you will have more time for enjoying yourself.


Enjoy the game!

Basic guide to the Mesmer

“When I’m done with you, you won’t trust your own mind.”

gw250The Mesmer class is rather different from your typical warrior and wizard classes. To me, the class was entirely new, which was refreshing. I know the class also existed in the original Guild Wars game, but I’ve never played that myself, sadly. The mesmer is a master of illusion and mindgames. They are able to create clones identical to themselves to confuse the enemy and summon powerful illusions to fight by their side. I’d like to share with you a basic guide to the abilities of the Mesmer.

Weapon sets
Mesmers are able to switch between 2 different weapon sets during combat. I will list a brief description of each usable weapon below. Obviosuly, you may combine any main hand weapon with any off hand weapon as one set. A two hand weapon counts as one set. In this guide, I won’t cover the underwater combat.
Note: The weapon descriptions are how I personally see, experience and use them.

  • Staff (two hands) – Condition damage, defense and support, Warlock phantasm
  • Greatsword (two hands) – High damage, crowd control, Berserler phantasm
  • Scepter (main hand) – Confusion, quick clone generator
  • Sword (main hand) – Close ranged combat, inflict vulnerabllity
  • Pistol (off hand) – Daze multiple targets, Duelist phantasm
  • Torch (off hand) – Invisibility, fire damage, Mage phantasm
  • Focus (off hand) – Movement speed, Warden phantasm
  • Sword (off hand) – Block attacks, Swordsman phantasm

PhantasmsIllusions and phantasms
Since a while ago, both illusions and phantasms are called illusions, but I and other players prefer to keep naming them seperately, because they are definitely not the same. A mesmer can have a total of 3 illusions and/or phantasms active at once and can use one of the 4 shatter skills (F1-F4) to make them run towards the target for a powerful blow, causing damage, confusion or daze to targets within the area and destroying (or shattering, if you will) all active illusions.

Illusions are clones that look exactly like the mesmer and uses the basic attack of the weapon the mesmer was using at the moment it was created. Illusions do not damage the target, but they can apply conditions and be affected by boons (buffs). Illusions are easier to kill than the mesmer, but harder to kill than the phantasms. Also, they have the same name and guild tag as your mesmer, which is a very good way to trick your enemies into attacking one of your illusions instead of you.

Phantasms also somewhat resemble the mesmer, but are easily recognizable as an illusion. They are pink and transparent looking and can weild different weapons and use different skills than the mesmer. They deal high damage but are very fragile. There are kinds of phantasms:

  • Phantasmal Warlock – Wields a scepter and deals damage depending on the amount of conditions currently on the target. The more conditions, the higher the damage
  • Phantasmal Berserker – Wields a greatsword and deals damage to multiple targets it crosses in its path and cripples them
  • Phantasmal Duelist  – Wields dual pistols and damages the target
  • Phantasmal Mage – Wields no weapon, damages and confuses to the target
  • Phantasmal Warden – Wields dual axes, damages targets in the area and reflects projectiles
  • Phantasmal Swordsman- Wields a sword, leaps at the target to cause damage
  • Phantasmal Disenchanter – Slot skill, attacks the target removes conditions from allies and boons from foes
  • Phantasmal Defender – Slot skill, attacks the target and absorbs 50% of the damage you would take

I’ve made a video showing all the phantasms, please feel free to watch!
(And please excuse my poor video editing skills, I’m just getting started :/ )

Starting at level 11, your Mesmer will gain one trait point per level to spend on traits. There are always those elitists who claim that only one “build” is the way to go, but I am a firm believer in building your character the way you like it and having a unique playstyle. I have no idea whether my build is common or not, I just got to where I am by trial and error. Never heard any teammates complain at least, and it’s enjoyable for me, so I’m happy with it! =) I chose my build based on what I like, which is condition damage, survivability and Phantasms.

  • Domination: Gives you power and condition duration passives and is often used by Greatsword users.
  • Dueling – Gives you precision and critical damage passives and benefits mantra, sword, pistol and phantasm users
  • Chaos – Gives you toughness and boon duration passives and benefits staff and trident users and people who don’t want to be squishy
  • Inspiration – Gives you healing and vitality passives and has a lot of nice skills to make phantasms more powerful
  • Illusions – Gives you condition damage and shattering passives and is very useful for Shatterers or people who like to inflict confusion on foes

It’s difficult to find the right build for you, but I strongly suggest you to try out different builds instead of blindly following what other people think is good. It should be all about what you like, and Guild Wars 2 is a pretty balanced game, so no build can actually be horrible. All builds have their pros and cons in different situations. Resetting your traits is cheap and easy to do at any trainer for your class. You’re probably still going to want to switch from time to time if you like to do both PVP and PVE.

Now, if you are looking for what is considered to be “the best” build by most people, I can tell you about three common builds that you could look up.

 The Shatterer Build
Focus on recharging your Shatter skills and spawning illusions and phantasms quickly so you can deal massive damage on multiple enemies by shattering all of your illusions.

 The Mantra Build
Focus on optimizing the amount of mantras you can cast and the damage they cause.

 The Phantasm/Army Build
Focus on giving your Phantasms more power and survivability so they can deal even more damage and become less fragile.

gw248Final words
Well, there you have it, a general guide to the abilities of a mesmer. I hope you found this useful! Please feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. Any feedback will be most appreciated as well. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


Guild Wars 2

gw243I’ve been wanting to publish a review on Guild Wars 2 for many months now and I was thinking that the “milestone” of reaching level 80 might be sufficient enough to be able to do so. I was wrong. I found that, for the most part, the game was only just beginning from that point on. I think it was somewhere in november that I hit level 80 and still I don’t feel like I have the right to review this amazing game as a whole. But as I’m still actively playing it, I decided I didn’t want to keep those experiences to myself until the day on which I feel like I have experienced enough of Guild Wars 2 to be able to write a valid review. Whenever that is. So, here’s what I’m going to do!

I’ll be posting mini-reviews, guides and anything significant I come across while playing around by myself or with my friends instead. Maybe a bit like a diary, a personal story. Therefore Guild Wars 2 deserves a seperate category among my blog. I’m actually very excited to get started with this! How did I not come up with this before?! Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my Guild Wars 2 articles and any feedback will be most welcome! ^^


Journey – Review


Journey.. Where do I begin? I admit, without exaggeration, that I almost cried when it was over. Unfortunately, the game is only available for PS3, so I did not manage to obtain any homemade footage or screenshots this time. We’ll have to do with some awesome media I collected on the internets. Well, let’s get started on that review.

Journey is an adventure type game developed by That Game Company and, as I said before, only available to play on PlayStation 3. It was launched in early 2012 and praised by reviewers for its beautiful visuals and audio.

Overall Rating: ★★★★
Plot: ★★★
Design: ★★★★★
Difficulty: ★★
Originality: ★★★★

Plot ★★★
To be brutally honest, I’m not at all sure what on earth that story was supposed to be about. I really loved the way they designed it though, as if you’re free to interpret it in your own way. To me the only obvious thing was that there’s this fancy mountain top you have to get to for whatever reason. I think I may have a clue after seeing the cutscenes for a second time after having finished the game, but I could of course be horribly wrong and just have completely overlooked some obvious stuff though. That would sound a bit like me, in fact.

images Design ★★★★★
Simply breathtaking. There are no other words. As you begin your adventure in a desert, there’s not a lot of stuff to see other than sand, but it’s the most beautiful sand you have ever seen! It’s sparkling and shiny and gracefully responding to the way you run, jump and slide through it. Later on in the game you will start to encounter more structures, buildings, a city and snowy mountains. The snow looks just as breathtaking as the sand and strong gusts of wind create beautiful snow- and sandstorms. To the right I have added a screen capture from my favourite part of the game, a scene in which you slide through the sand and into a city which is partially buried underneath the desert sand.

Difficulty ★★
The controls in the game are pretty basic. There is not much more you can do other than run, slide and jump around and use a special ability to communicate with certain objects you come across. It gets tricky at times when you need to, for example, do a difficult series of jumps or figure out a puzzle. You cannot always jump around as much as you’d like because you need to “charge” your “cape”- like thingy with glowing marks in order to be able to make a high jump. The more glowing marks you collect, by the way, the longer your cape thingy will become and the more jumps you can “store” before using them. There are however plenty of oppurtunities to do the recharging so you won’t really have to worry about it that much.

Originality ★★★★
I personally find the game very original because I’ve never seen or heard of anything much like it before. The game is not very difficult to play yet challenging and simply stunning. It’s not very long, I think I spent a maximum of 3 hours playing before completing it. Which made me very, very sad! Fortunately, there’s a co-op mode so you can play together with random people on the internet!


Well, that about wraps up my review. I really recommend this game to people who enjoy exploring, solving puzzles and just generally casual gameplay. However I’m sure even most hardcore gamers won’t say no to Journey. What am I saying? This game is beautiful! Play it!

Have a great day and thank you for reading =)


Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Review

Never before have I been so happy to have finished a game. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a whole new genre for me. It was a lot of fun to play though, or actually to be honest: my boyfriend played it while I sat next to him squeezing a pillow and giving some directions and suggestions from time to time. Good enough for a review nonetheless!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent was developed by Frictional Games and is both popular and infamous for its creepy side. This certainly is not a game for the faint hearted as it actually barely has anything other than spooky and gorey content.

Despite all the gore and scare, however, there was still some room left over for an incredibly awesome story. I don’t want to spoil it all, so I’ll just share the basics. You play as Daniel, a young man who finds himself in a large castle with no memories at all, also known as amnesia. He needs to find out who he is, what he’s doing in the castle and above all how he got there. Along the way Daniel discovers notes written by various people, including “his former self”. By reading the notes, Daniel will uncover a lot of mysteries about both himself and the strange castle he woke up in. If that doesn’t sound disturbing enough, Daniel is being closely followed by “the Shadow”; something he can’t fight off with any weapons and so needs to escape by hiding and running fast.

Speaking of weapons, well, you don’t get any. In this game it’s all about hiding, escaping and staying alive while uncovering mysteries and solving puzzles. You can throw stuff to distract your enemies and sneak past, but that’s about it. Collectable items in the game are lamp oil for your lantern (without which you’re in deep trouble, so don’t waste the oil!), tinderboxes which you can use to light torches and candles and some medications for your health and sanity. Your sanity will decrease the longer you are in a dark place, which will result in Daniel being slightly disoriented to completely losing conciousness. Health stands for the usual “hit points”, which will decrease when Daniel takes either falling damage or damage caused by enemies, fire, sharp objects, etc.

There are also many other items to be found which will help you solve puzzles that are vital in order to be able to move on. These are mostly quite difficult to solve and reading notes lying around the objects or machinery involved sadly won’t offer anything more than an extremely vague indication of what you need and what to do.

Overall I found the game pretty awesome, but I wouldn’t dare to play it on my own. I’m already very proud to have spent about 10 minutes holding the controller! What I like most about the game is how challenging it is. You need to be near a source of light to not lose your mind, but you need to find a dark place to hide when something’s after you. This all is pretty stressful!

If you like some scary, disgusting stuff and solving puzzles, you should definitely give Amnesia: The Dark Descent a try. Thank you very much for reading my review, I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to leave a comment. I wish you a very nice day and I’ll end this review with a hillarious compilation video of people playing Amnesia, enjoy!

Brave – Review

Hi there!

My boyfriend and I went to see Disney Pixar’s Brave in the cinema. What can I say? I absolutely, totally and utterly LOVED it!

We were lucky to be able to go and see the original version rather than a Dutch dubbed one. I probably wouldn’t have gone if that were to be the case. Fortunately it wasn’t, so here is my review on Brave!

Overall Review ★★★★

Plot: ★★★★
Characters: ★★★★
Humor: ★★★
Music: ★★★

Movie Trailer

Plot ★★★★

Like most Disney stories, Brave’s story is one to learn from. I obviously can’t and won’t spill too much about the plotline, but it comes down to the fact that you need to look deep inside yourself. What can you change about yourself rather than wanting to change something about another person? The fact that nobody is perfect and that compromises must be made seems to be the most important lesson here.

Apart from this lesson the film is trying to learn its viewers, the story was not at all what I had expected of it. Then again, all I’ve seen of it before actually going to see it in the cinema was the movie trailer.

The story is about Merida , princess of a kingdom once divided into 4 different “clans”. She and her three little brothers (“wee devils” as Merida calls them) share their castle with their parents Fergus, the great leader of the lands, and queen Elinor, who is obsessed with raising Merida like a true princess. Fergus once lost his leg in a fierce battle with his arch enemy and after many years he still swears revenge. One day Merida is confronted with the matter of her engagement. Three obviously repulsive candidates from the other clans present themselves to her. She has no desire to marry anyone and wishes for her freedom. This is when she stumbles upon a witch’s little residence and asks her for a spell to change her fate, resulting in the necessary dramatic consequenses of course.

Characters ★★★★

The granting of 4 entire stars on this subject might have something to do with my passion for the Irish and Gaelic culture; the accents are amazing! Finally none of that fake, pretty, high and annoying voices nonesense. Most of the characters are everything but standard. The main character does have that familiar “I don’t want to be a princess, I want to be free to do whatever I want” attitude, though. However, this does not make her annoying; I really like Merida’s character. Her father Fergus is my favourite though. He is your typical Scottish rascal who is obsessed with beating up others, food, ale and of course getting even with his sworn enemy.

Humor: ★★★

However this film has its hillarious moments, I’ve seen funnier ones. This shouldn’t prevent you from going to see it though, because it’s a fantastic film alltogether with a fantastic story and such beautiful scenery. Oh, the scenery.. Oh wait, we were talking about whether the film was funny or not. Well, I do believe it is!

Music ★

If I remember correctly, I have heard at least 3 songs during the film, which seems to be a fairly low amount considering this is a Disney film, but didn’t bother me at all. The songs were short but nice. Here’s one of them for you to listen to if you like.

Conclusion: ★★★★

Like I said before, I absolutely loved this film! Its quite original story, amusing characters, awesome Scottish accents and beautiful scenery alone definitely make Brave worth paying a visit to the cinema for. Or just seeing it at the very least, however, all films are obviously better when seen in the cinema.

I hope you’ve found my review interesting and useful and if you do indeed plan on going to see it, I wish you a very enjoyable watch! Or if you have already seen it, feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below. :)